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S37227 Sulfate Latex Beads, 4% w/v, 5 µm

品牌: Invitrogen 目录号: S37227
售价: 询价 规格: 15ml
保存温度: 4°C


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详细说明: S37227  Sulfate Latex Beads, 4% w/v, 5 µm  15ml  invitrogen 

Microspheres (also called latex beads or latex particles) are spherical particles in the colloidal size range that are formed from an amorphous polymer such as polystyrene. Because of the way that the polystyrene chains arrange themselves in the bead, the surface is very hydrophobic in character, making these ideal materials for the adsorption of materials such as proteins.
These sulfate latex microspheres are stabilized by sulfate charges. In some cases, hydroxyl and carboxyl groups are also present in small amounts bound to the polymer chains. The pKa of the sulfate group is <2 and consequently the particles are stable in acidic media. Suspensions of the particles are stable up to almost 0.30 M univalent electrolyte concentrations and therefore may be used in media of physiological ionic strength. However they are hydrophobic particles and will undergo aggregation in the presence of low concentrations of divalent or trivalent cations unless stabilized by a hydrophilic coating. Sulfate latex is suitable for calibration of particle size analysis equipment and are also appropriate for use in diagnostic test systems which rely upon physical adsorption of antigens or antibodies.
Microspheres Are Available in Many Sizes and Surface Functionalities
• 25 sizes to choose from—0.02 microns to 16 microns
• 20 different surface—for ready conjugation to virtually any material
• Surfactant free—ultraclean
• Various quantities—from milliliter to 500-liter amounts


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